Product Hydraulics
Scope of Reg. (EU) 2011/305 of 9 March 2011
Scope of application The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) lays down harmonised rules for the marketing of construction products in the EU. The Regulation provides a common technical language to assess the performance of construction products. It ensures that reliable information is available to professionals, public authorities, and consumers, so they can compare the performance of products from different manufacturers in different countries.
Legislative Decree
Number:Legislative Decree No 106 of 16 June 2017
Title:Adapting national legislation to the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC
Ministerial Decree
Number:Ministerial Decree December 20, 2012
Title:• Fire prevention technical rule for active fire protection systems installed in activities subject to fire prevention controls.
Scope of application:• Design, construction, operational and maintenance of active fire protection systems, as defined in the technical regulation referred to Article 5 and hereinafter referred to as "systems", installed in activities subject to fire prevention controls, if provided for by specific technical regulations on the subject or required by the provincial fire brigade commands in the context of fire prevention procedures, as per the decree of the President of the Republic of 1 August 2011, no.151.
Any technical standard indicated in the DM:

Number:Ministerial Decree August 3, 2015
Title:• Fire Prevention Code
Scope of application:• Design, implementation and exercise of the activities referred to Annex I of the Presidential Decree of 1 August 2011, no. 151, identified with the numbers: 9; 14; from 19 to 40; from 42 to 47; from 50 to 54; 56; 57; 63; 64; 66, with the exception of outdoor tourist accommodation facilities and mountain lodge; 67; 69 to 71; 72, limited to buildings subject to protection pursuant to Legislative Decree 22 January 2004, n. 42, open to the public and aimed to guest museums, galleries, exhibitions, exhibitions, libraries and archives; 73; 75; 76.
Any technical standard indicated in the DM:
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